Opera Saratoga 2014

Gary Wilson, Scenic Designer
Opera Saratoga
Saratoga Springs, New York
June 2014

The Magic Flute and The Elixir of Love were performed as part of the Opera Saratoga 2014 Summer Season.  Both shows were built in an off-site scene shop at a local college in 3 weeks with a crew of myself (TD), a master carpenter, 3 carpenters and 1 full time intern (paints crew was separate).  All scenic units had to be engineered to fit on a box truck and through a standard double door for transport to the theatre and reps.  To facilitate faster reps the set for The Magic Flute was engineered to stay close.  The staircase was stored under the orchestra decking and the down stage walls and columns were stored onstage during The Elixir of Love.  Due to these size constraints, special care had to be taken to hide seams for larger units.  With that in mind, I tried to align the seams with the horizontal or vertical texture designated by the scenic designer.  Just before strike, another opera company decided to purchase our set for The Elixir of Love.


     Click here to watch a time-lapse of our rep from Flute to Elixir.

The Elixir of Love


     Click here to watch a time-lapse of our rep from Elixir to Flute.

The Magic Flute

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