A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

Reuben Lucas, Scenic Designer
Joeseph A Burke, Lighting and Projections Designer
Jesus Perez, Costume Designer
Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre
Grand Lake, Colorado
June 2018

This show was a regional premier performed as part of the RMRT 2018 Summer Season in rep with Annie and The Full Monty.  Sound effects were programmed into QLab and were comprised of light ambiance, spot cues, and a pre-recorded voice overs as part of the show’s narrations.  The show incoorporatd 18 wireless microphones, 14 band channels, 6 QLab channels, and 8 seperate speaker feeds mixed on a Yamaha LS9-32.   Music was supplied via a live, 6-piece band located in the pit.  Each member of the band had the option of either a heaphone or speaker monitor with direct control over one of their own feeds and a custom mix from the console.  They all ultimately ended up using the heaphone montor to help reduce pit volume to allow for better control in the house.  Musically we went for a chamber orchestra feel. Sound effects were ment to be slightly exaggerated and sometimes even cartoonish as comedic commentary. 

Below are audio clips captured from the console’s stereo mix down during one of the performances.

gentlemans guide-15jpg 44239013202 o

Click here for selections from the Signal Line Diagram and supporting documents. 


Prologue (0:34) Gentleman’s Guide Ensemble RMRT  

gentlemans guide-62jpg 44287977281 o

Foolish to Think (Reprise) (0:42) Russell Mernagh and Josh Kellman

gentlemans guide-64jpg 44239389332 o

Poison In My Pocket (0:33) Josh Kellman, Russell Mernagh, and Katherine Viviano

gentlemans guide-44jpg 43381410095 o

Cannibals (0:24) Voices of Russell Mernagh and Zach Holden 

GentGuide collage white

Lost His Head (0:22) Voices of Josh Kellman and Russell Mernagh

Shot Herself (0:24) Gentleman’s Guide Ensemble RMRT

© Chris Pyfrom 2018