LSU Spring Dance Concert 2015

Sandra Parks, Justin Chin, & Claire Wyly, Choreographers
LSU Dance, Producer
Venue: The LSU Shaver Theatre
April 2015

The Spring Dance Concert and Physical Theatre Showcase was a combined concert.  Act 1 was comprised of five pieces: a flamenco piece (not pictured), 2 student choreographed lyrical pieces (images 1,2,&5), a pointe piece (images 3 & 4), and a multi-movement modern piece (images 6 - 9).    The point piece titled Passages to You was about a tradition of sending lanterns floating down a river to remember loved ones who have passed.  We started the piece with just the mids, cut just below the skirt so that the dancers looked like floating lanterns, eventually adding more light so that the point work could be seen.  The lighting plot had to accomodate both these pieces and the second half of the concert which was a physical theatre showcase with areal silks and front projections.

Is This Me? - OpeningIs This Me? - EndingPassages to You - OpeningPassages to You - 2GlitchCongo Square - OvertureCongo Square - 2Congo Square - 3Congo Square - 4

                                      Photos by Alice Stout

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