Ken Ellis, Scenic Designer
Swine Palace, Producer
Venue: The LSU Studio Theatre
November 2013

This show was designed in a 96 dimmer studio theatre using an ETC Express 24/48.  This was a world premiere of an Estonian play.  While researching some Estonian lighting styles, I noticed lots of saturated colors and dramatic shadows caused by lack of fill or a fill of contrasting colors.  To incorporate some of this Estonian style I used my complementary front light as my fill and a saturated magenta, green and blue as my down/back light.  The show takes place back stage at a struggling theatre and so I decided to leave the cables a little messy.

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Dove: Funeral Dove ReleaseDove: OpeningDove: "Flame this house"Dove: Enthusiast AttackDove: Media SkitDove: Media Skit 2Dove: "Will the director go…"Dove: Planka SpeechDove: Planka Speech 2Dove: "I'm Planka"Dove: Heinar SpeechDove: "Let me introduce our director…"

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