Dionysus of the Holocaust

Ken Ellis, Scenic Designer
Swine Palace, Producer
Venue: The LSU Studio Theatre
November 2013

 Dionysus of the Holocaust is an epic satire on race.  The show takes place on a holocausted earth in and outside the gates of Pluto's cave as Dionysus is sent to choose which race (the Afracks or the Caucases) will be chosen to repopulate the earth.  At one point, the two races are required to perform a skit representing the other race.  This is done in the form of a minstrel show and so I decided to incorporate footlights to give it an olde time, gas-light theatre feel.  The set was a unit set that took us throught the locations previously mentioned.  This show was designed in a 96 dimmer studio theatre using an ETC Express 24/48 an incorporated LED Pars, LED strips mounted to the walls of the theatre as side lighting, iCue moving mirror accessories and a DMX iris. 

DOTH: Caucases' EntranceDOTH: Afracks' EntranceDOTH: Charon's BoatDOTH: Minstrel ShowDOTH: Minstrel Show 2DOTH: Pleading their case

Click here to view images individually.                                        Photos by Karli Henderson

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